I love to make music & to dj. To me it means to give something, to freely express myself in a way people can respond with happynes and joy. Let's get together and share this love again and again.  
15. November 2017 track/mix

Bum Chak in der Disco

15. Nov 2017
25. October 2017 track/mix

Hu ha der Fuchs ist da! - mix 2017

Ethnic drums and african harmonies mixed with warm house grooves squished into a nice musical cocktail to warm up or to chill out. inhale this :)
25. Oct 2017
01. April 2017 project/event

Escola Quintal

One day two kids of the neighborhood knocked the door kindly asking to pick some fruits of the Sapoti tree growing in the backyard of the home of Paulo and his roommate Pedro. Next, every weekend more and more kids came to do the same. At this time Pedro allready had a little compost and while he asked the kids to help him collecting the rotten fruits he explained to them how composting works with all the little insects functions. As he saw the kids paralized by fascination about this the idea was born to establish a backyard school for all kids of the neighborhood that are willing to learn about planting, environment, fruits and vegetables. Every Sunday from that day on kids visit these guys and exchange their knowledge and their experiences with each other. And it's not only the kids that learn :)
01. Apr 2017
24. January 2017 track/mix

tub of blues

Inspired by my journey to Brasil and all the different styles of music and instruments that came my way, this little blues was born. Like with many of my songs I think it still deserves more time to work on it but hey- that's how it is for now :)
24. Jan 2017
03. January 2017 inspiration

Royal Blood - Little Monster

Who needs a guitar player?!
03. Jan 2017
21. October 2016 inspiration

VULFPECK /// Wait for the Moment

21. Oct 2016
25. June 2016 inspiration

Who Will Comfort Me

Thank you Mena for this inspiring Song you played for us. I'm falling for Melody Garbot :)
25. Jun 2016
22. June 2016 inspiration

You Ain't So Such A Much

22. Jun 2016