I love to make music & to dj. To me it means to give something, to freely express myself in a way people can respond with happynes and joy. Let's get together and share this love again and again.  
15. November 2017 track/mix

Bum Chak in der Disco

15. Nov 2017
25. October 2017 track/mix

Hu ha der Fuchs ist da! - mix 2017

Ethnic drums and african harmonies mixed with warm house grooves squished into a nice musical cocktail to warm up or to chill out. inhale this :)
25. Oct 2017
24. January 2017 track/mix

tub of blues

Inspired by my journey to Brasil and all the different styles of music and instruments that came my way, this little blues was born. Like with many of my songs I think it still deserves more time to work on it but hey- that's how it is for now :)
24. Jan 2017
19. June 2015 track/mix

on my mind

Inspired by love and enthusiasm for the country I will travel to soon this song was made. By learning and trying out some of the fabulous percussion rhythms of brazil's music culture I ended up mixing funk & house together with Maracatu and Bossa.
19. Jun 2015
02. June 2015 track/mix


With the help of my brother, his girlfriend and my love, who introduced me to video editing software, I created my very first clip. Inspired by the movie Birdman in the first place I borrowed myself a jazz-drum-set and spend three days of recording. Finally I had to admit that I'm not really a good jazz drummer. I had to work with what's coming out of me and in the end I'm happy with the result. The story was written while we where shooting. It's about a new beginning of what ever you want do be. The footage was filmed in my beautiful neighborhood. Enjoy!
02. Jun 2015
18. February 2015 track/mix

longing for the sun

Sitting in my little room, looking out of the window I see the spring coming. The sun feels warmer and brighter than it did yesterday. Birds return and in the morning they sing so laud that you wake up. I feel like this awakening is happening inside of me every year too. Trying to capture this feeling brought me this track.
18. Feb 2015
11. November 2014 track/mix

late summer track

The first track, that I thought it was ready to be shared. And still, as many musicians may appreciate, I do think about some adjustments every time I'm listening to it :) But for now, this is it.
11. Nov 2014
21. September 2014 track/mix

idle time

As many times my mood is responsible for the music I make. Two weeks of cloudy whether, a lot of time to come down and a Kalimba instrument caused me to this.
21. Sep 2014